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Consumers like the competitive quotes we offer on FHA mortgage loan programs with purchase & refinancing. The truth is that FHA home loans have been driving the mortgage market for the last few years. FHA refinancing has helped people secure low interest rates even with poor credit and cash out allowed. FHA mortgage loans have quickly become the replacement for non-prime and Alt-A lending because the servicing market has crashed and hundreds of sub-prime mortgage companies have gone out of business. This year, HUD expanded the FHA home mortgage policy and there are several underwriting revisions for refinancing and home buying. FHA mortgage loan requirements have changed in recent years so discuss your situation with a company approved for FHA mortgages today. Sit at home or work and review offers from FHA home loan lenders at no cost.

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FHA rates are comparable to conventional interest rates that prime borrowers finance with, so borrowers can rest assured that FHA mortgages are cost effective ways to finance or refinance residential properties. HUD reaffirmed that bad credit FHA home loans are available to qualified borrowers for refinancing their home for lower payments. Cash back loans are from 80 to 85% of your property's value. FHA home mortgage products are always expanding, so check with a loan officer on your financial state and get pre-qualified today.

Competitive Rates on FHA Mortgage Loans

FHA mortgage loans are available at the lowest rates ever! Find out if you meet the standards now.

Check FHA Mortgage Rates. FHA guidelines expanded!

FHA requirements have changed!

FHA underwriting requests barely any equity to refinance either. FHA remains the only non-military mortgage loan programs that do not care about credit scores for qualifying purposes. Read more about the
First Time Home Buyer Loans with FHA.

FHA Mortgage Loans - Great Rates for FHA Streamline, FHA Refinance & Purchase

FHA Today reports that "The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), a wholly owned government corporation, was established under the National Housing Act of 1934 to improve housing standards and conditions. Its goal was to provide an adequate home financing system through insurance of mortgages, and to stabilize the mortgage market." HUD continues to expand government mortgage loans "FHA morgage loans have become more important to minorities in America."

FHA Home Mortgage program basically has five types of loans:

  1. BASIC FHA requires 3% down payment and allows refinances up to 97% loan to value.
  2. Disaster Victim Program requires no down-payment and allows 100% financing of the home.
  3. Rehab-Loan Program allows borrowing above the purchase price to make home improvements. Ask your loan officer about 203k loans.
  4. Streamline Mortgage Refinancing for current FHA customers who want a fast rate and term loan with reduced closing costs. (97.5% maximum loan to value)
  5. Cash out FHA Home Mortgage for refinancing and bill consolidation (95% maximum loan to value)

According to mortgage banker, Nationwide, the "FHA home loan product has become the new standard for sub-prime mortgage lending." Mortgage brokers, bankers and lenders have taken another look at these FHA government loans as the guidelines have changed for the better. These home loan lenders continue to take risks with financing that most companies aren't willing to make. You can't get zero down house loans with FHA anymore, as the minimum down-payment requirements are set at 3.5%.

Over the last seventy years, FHA mortgages have evolved significantly with new loan products for refinancing and new home buying, but the "pro-consumer" approach has remained constant. Reduced closing costs and no penalties for early pay-off continue to be key details for FHA loans that benefit borrowers more than mortgage lenders.

Benefits of FHA Mortgages for Purchase or Refinance

It’s no secret that consumers would like to secure the best deal when shopping for a home loan online. Most people have heard of the FHA mortgage, but very few consumers realize how much FHA has expanded their loan eligibility.

FHA stands for Federal Housing Administration, and with built-in mortgage insurance, the FHA home loan continues to help homeowners save hundreds of dollars each year. For several generations the Federal Housing Administration has given American home buyers unique opportunities with only a small down-payment requirement.

The law requires any loan for more than 80% of a home's fair market value or FMV to carry Private Mortgage Insurance. In fact, Private mortgage insurance costs homeowners insurance premiums ranging from $250 to $1200 per year. And, the insurance is not tax deductible. FHA home mortgage rates have fallen below 5% on 30-year mortgage terms, so donít wait to get approved for affordable home financing. FHA interest rates are subject to change, so get approved and lock in your interest rate today.

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