First Time Homebuyer FHA Loans

First time homebuyers should consider FHA mortgage loans when financing a new home. 1st time homeowners like the credit flexibility and down-payment requirements that have been minimized to 3% of the home purchase price. The FHA offers "streamline financing" to help you purchase a home or refinance your current mortgage without all of the paperwork, underwriting qualifications, appraisal, or time normally necessary when refinancing a home loan. Many consumers do not realize that they may qualify to own a home and that with a similar monthly payment; they would not have to rent anymore. FHA loan guidelines have expanded greatly to help increase home ownership across the country. The fact is that millions of Americans bought their 1st home utilizing FHA financing. If you are a first time home buyer, we recommend comparing the FHA loan programs to that of private lenders.

If you are nervous about getting approved for your 1st home loan, then speak to a FHA mortgage specialist about qualifying.

Most new homebuyers save money with government purchase loans because the FHA rates are significantly lower than the interest rates offered by non-prime lenders!

  • 30 Year Fixed Rate Purchase Loans
  • 15 Year Fixed Rate Purchase Loans
  • 3 Year Fixed Hybrid Mortgage (3/1 ARM)
  • 5 Year Fixed Hybrid Loan (5/1 ARM)

FHA home loans are recommended for
1st time homebuyers

Finance with a FHA home Loan from the Mortgage Experts for 1st Time Homebuyers!

FHA Home Purchase Loans are great for people who donít want to make a big down payment, when buying the 1st home.