FHA Home Loans for Bad Credit

Find FHA Mortgage Lenders that process bad credit FHA home loans for 1st time homebuyers and for clients with poor credit seeking fixed rate refinance or purchase. First time homebuyers with less than perfect credit should consider FHA home loans when buying a new home or refinancing their recent purchase. The FHA offers a low rate mortgage if your rent or mortgage payment history is good in the last twelve months. The FHA loan processor will need to show zero 30-day late payments with the verification of mortgage or rent. Bad credit FHA home loans are available for qualified applicants that have at least a 500 fico score and additional credentials that the underwriter deems worthy.

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If you are nervous about getting approved for a mortgage, then speak to a bad credit FHA mortgage specialist about qualifying even if you have been turned down from other lenders recently.
Most new homebuyers like FHA because the mortgage rates are much better than the rates offered by bad credit lenders.

  • 30 Year Fixed Rate Home Loans
  • 15 Year Fixed Rate Home Loans
  • 5 Year Fixed ARM Mortgage

Bad credit is no problem with FHA loans!

Get Approved for a Bad Credit FHA home Loan from Loan Experts that are FHA Approved!

FHA mortgages are favorable to consumers who have limited or poor credit, because credit scores are not considered with FHA loan underwriting.