FHA Home Purchase Loans

The FHA mortgage company offers home purchase loans with only 3% down required. 1st time home buyers and consumers who would rather not put down 10 or 20% for a down-payment should consider a home using FHA. Yes FHA charges 1.5% of the loan amount for mortgage insurance at closing, but MI is tax deductible and you only need an additional 3% down to buy a new home. The interest rates with FHA mortgage loans are lower than conventional rates in most cases, so the mortgage insurance shouldn’t be a big obstacle that hinders you becoming a homeowner.

These days, most new homeowners are concerned about their mortgage rate adjusting, so they select a fixed rate mortgage with a thirty year term.

Most 1 st time home buyers like the security of fixed interest rates, because their 1st payment and last mortgage payments are the same.

  • 30 Year Fixed Rate FHA Purchase Loans
  • 15 Year Fixed Rate FHA Home Mortgage
  • 3 Year Fixed Mortgage with Low Teaser Rate

Get Approved for a Home Loan
with only 3% Down!

Finance a new home with a FHA mortgage loan from the Government Mortgage Experts!

FHA home loans are ideal for purchasing a new home because if mortgage rates decline, FHA borrowers can do a streamline refinance that improves their rate with little or no costs.