FHA Home Renovation Loan

Consumers have a new opportunity to finance home renovations and improvements with FHA loans. These home construction loans are called FHA 203k mortgages and they are designed to get people money with the refinance our purchase transaction. These loans have become especially popular since so many people are buying ‘fixer-upper” homes that were acquired through foreclose process. In most cases bank owned properties have had very little improvements made, because of the overwhelming real estate inventories.

Finance the cost of construction with a home Loans from the FHA Mortgage Experts

FHA loan guidelines have expanded greatly to help increase home ownership across the country. Most new homebuyers have to wait an entire year to be able to use an appraised value for a cash out refinance transaction that yield enough capital to pay for home renovations. This unique FHA loans opens door for construction and rehab opportunities with no seasoning required.

  • FHA Purchase Mortgage with Cash for Rehabilitation
  • Fixed Rate Refinance Loans with Money for home repairs

FHA offers a home loan designed for renovation or remodeling.

FHA Home Loans for Bad Credit | Refinancing Adjustable Rate Mortgage | Secure FHA Refinance

FHA Home Purchase Loans are great for people who don’t want to make a big down payment, when buying the 1st home.